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There's an "age old", "time honored" tradition in Newfoundland of making "deserving" Mainlanders into "Honorary Newfoundlander's". 

Traditionally, there were three requirements to becoming an "Honorary Newfoundlander" (also known as being "Screeched In"): 

One had to be "sponsored" by a "real" Newfoundlander.
One had to "kiss a Cod". In these days of "scarce Cod", or "nar Cod at all".  
The final act is to "down a shot of Newfoundland Screech" and repeat the phrase: "Long may your big jib draw." (Unfortunately, here we can't help you - we haven't found a way to FTP a bottle of Screech, yet - but the testing is going well, hic ... You'll just have to go to your nearest Liquor Store (most Canadian Liquor Stores and even some American ones now carry Newfoundland Screech) and get a bottle (even a "mickey", "pup", or "flask" will do.) 
Having completed the above, you're awarded with an Honorary Newfoundlander certificate.
(shown below)
Taken from the Honorary Newfie


The Guest speaker is to wear a souwester/oils skins or rubber boots.
We are gathered her today to induct these deserving Mainlanders into
the Loyal Order of Screechers.

By the power invested in me, I now invite you to become a part of that
great family of Newfoundlanders, that started over 500 years ago when
John Cabot first landed here.

Those forefathers grew in numbers as they harvested the waters of the
Atlantic that teemed with cod and caplin.

The first music was the music of the sea and those of you living away,
can hear the calling of the sea.

Repeat after me, "I hear the calling of the sea". Promise to say this each
morning and each night.

As our forefathers grew stong and robust from the food of the sea, we
offer you a sample of that fish here today.

Repeat after me" In cod we trust". You will be asked to kiss the cod on
the lips.

After a hard days work our forefathers enjoyed the rum of the
island{SCREECH}. This was discovered in the Carribbean Islands while
they were selling their fish. Sample a jigger of Rum!

After a few swigs of rum, you'll want to rant and roar and dance a jig.
All join together to do a jig.

As a official member of our line island, you must promise to work hard,
eat plenty of fish, enjoy our music, dance a jig and drink Newfoundland
Screech. Do you promise? "I Do!" Sample of Screech again.

Present them with their honorary certificate and congradulate them on
becoming a Newfoundlander.

The people being " screeched in" are to wear the Souwester.

You may add your own variation if you wish.

A huge thank you to the folks at the DownHomer for the Ceremony Words.


The Screech Story

Long before any liquor board was created to take alcohol under its benevolent wing, Demerara rum was a mainstay of the Newfoundland diet, with salt fish traded to the West Indies in exchange for rum. When the Government took control of the traditional liquor business in the early 20th century, it began selling the rum in an unlabelled bottle. The product might have remained permanently nameless except for the influx of American servicemen to the Island during World War II. 
As the story goes, the commanding officer of the original detachment was having his first taste of Newfoundland hospitality and, imitating the custom of his host, downed his drink in one gulp. The American’s blood-curdling howl, when he regained his breath, brought the sympathetic and curious from miles around rushing to the house to find out what was going on. 
The first to arrive was a garrulous old American sergeant who pounded on the door and demanded, "What the cripes was that ungodly screech?" 
The taciturn Newfoundlander who had answered the door replied simply, "The Screech? ‘Tis the rum, me son." 
Thus was born a legend. As word of the incident spread, the soldiers, determined to try this mysterious "Screech" and finding its effects as devastating as the name implies, adopted it as their favourite. 
The opportunistic liquor board pounced on the name and reputation and began labeling Newfoundland Screech, the most popular brand on the Island, even today (nowadays they use Jamaican rum).
Taken from:
The Screech Story
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Where to get  "Screeched-In"
Trapper John's on George

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